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Venture x

Venture X

Venture X is a workspace company that started in Florida in 2012 and now has workspaces available in 50 locations across the globe. They have locations in countries like UAE, Mexico, Costa Rica, and India, and they plan to expand to other parts of the world.

Their workspaces feature a private event and even a podcast room. Venturex also has a virtual office with an office address for people who work online. They are well suited for professionals, entrepreneurs, and remote workers.

Using Venture X workspaces come with a lot of perks. Some of them include Cafe & Lounge, which supplies members with free coffee as they work. There is also free high-speed internet as well as free cleaning services.

The services at Venturex come for a fee, and interested persons will have to register and become a member before accessing it. They have different plans for each solution, and one can book an assessment tour to check them out.