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How To Adapt, Adapt, Adapt
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Startups and scale-ups are only successful if they address an unmet need.

There are only a handful of media outlets in the U.S. for founders and entrepreneurs and even fewer focused on local markets. And there were no media outlets providing a “one-stop content hub” dedicated to this niche audience.

That’s the problem OrangeWIP solved.

Our readers are hungry for resources that will help them reach their fullest potential, and they look to OrangeWIP for resources, examples, and advice from those who have walked this path before them. Our independent, unvarnished viewpoints become a beacon of light in
the darkness and isolation of entrepreneurship.

We believe quality information for entrepreneurs and founders is not only a human right, but crucial to building a healthier, sustainable, and inclusive economy.

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Ep. 051 Kevin Weir

This week, JJ Interviews Kevin Weir. Kevin currently serves as the Director of New Business at Stand Yourself Up LLC and as the Technology Commercialization Specialist for the SC SBDC.

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